Vacuum Forming

Mayfield Plastics is a leading supplier of custom plastic large part  vacuum forming services across a variety of industries. In addition, Mayfield Plastics can also provide product design and manufacturing engineering assistance and is ISO 9001:2008 registered.part-protection-jet-engine-cover

Vacuum forming is a plastic manufacturing process involves the measured heating of a thermoplastic sheet material to an optimal temperature where its shape may be formed to a specific design with the use of a male mold. The change in the physical shape of the preheated thermoplastic is accomplished through vacuum force. Once it cools, the sheet takes on the shape of the tool. With our 3-dimensional trimming equipment, Mayfield Plastics can then trim out the completed part with a high degree of precision.

Vacuum forming is best suited to large parts with moderate volumes.  It offers lower cost tooling and quicker prototyping than other alternatives. Vacuum forming is better alternative to other manufacturing methods such as complex fabricated sheet metal or fiberglass, in large, complex shapes which require a lot of metal fabrication, grinding and finishing. Vacuum forming also compares favorably to injection molding for low to moderate volume parts. Some of the advantages of custom vacuum forming are:

Applications of custom vacuum forming are seen in many industries, including medical equipment panels & enclosures, engine covers for the aerospace, transportation and construction, and rail-car interior trim and seat components.

Materials most frequently used in vacuum forming are

  • ABS – very common, available in a variety of colors and textures and flame retardant grades (UL94-V0), good impact resistance
  • PC – good impact resistance and resistance to high temperatures
  • HDPE – impact, chemical and cold temperature resistant; cost effective
  • TPO – durable and impact resistant, available in high gloss finish
  • HIPS – low cost, available in a variety of colors & easy to form
  • PVC – available in flame retardant, in a range of colors & textures, rigid and impact resistant

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