Twin sheet thermoforming

twin sheet thermoforming Twin sheet forming

Mayfield Plastics is a leading provider of twin sheet thermoforming to a variety of industries. Our expertise in custom plastic manufacturing includes twin sheet thermoforming, pressure forming, and vacuum forming, and is supported by our engineering, product design & technical manufacturing know-how. Mayfield Plastics is also ISO 9001: 2008 registered.

Twin Sheet Thermoforming is a plastic manufacturing process where two sheets of material are heated and formed simultaneously into their respective molds and then quickly pressed together.  While they are being pressed together, a pin is pushed through one of the sheets and air is blown in causing the sheets to be pressure formed.  The heat and pressure cause the 2 sheets to fuse or seal and become a single unit where they are touching and allow the parts to be trimmed completely flush all around.  This creates an extremely strong, rigid part. Products manufactured with the twin sheet thermoforming process may look similar to blow molding or rotational molding but are often less costly to form, and can be highly cosmetic.


Twin Sheet Thermoforming Advantages

  • Lower tooling cost
  • Different material thicknesses
  • Improved structural rigidity
  • Ability to form hollow or foam-filled parts or parts with components within
  • Two-color product option available
  • Improved aesthetics due to tool contact on both sides
  • Detailed, clean outside part and a ribbed inside
  • Formable in multiple materials and sizes

Twin Sheet Product Examples

  • Large doors
  • Component panels
  • Shrouds & base covers
  • Equipment enclosures
  • Pallets
  • Cases
  • Dual walled flooring
  • Hinges
  • Containers

Twin Sheet Materials and Sizes

Mayfield can thermoform twin sheet in the following materials

  • HIPS, ABS, TPO, HDPE, PETG and any other thermoformable material
  • Sizes from 8” x 8” to 50 x 80″ depending on configuration

Whatever your twin sheet forming needs are, Mayfield can deliver. Contact us today for any twin sheet forming or thermoforming needs you may have.

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