Custom Thermoforming

Mayfield Plastics manufactures highly quality custom thermoforming products including thermoformed medical devices, custom plastic radomes, custom thermoformed plastic enclosures and plastic panels. Whatever your custom thermoforming needs are, we can help.

It is our goal at Mayfield Plastics to stand out from the crowd by using our award-winning customer service to win and keep your business as a Thermoformer. Because of Mayfield’s
in-house tooling capabilities we are able to control every aspect of that crucial phase of our thermoforming business. The aluminum, temperature-controlled molds, and necessary trim jigs and fixtures are all custom made for each project.

The Custom Thermoforming Process:

  1. Thermoforming starts with a flat sheet of plastic. Our
    machinery is capable of using a sheet size up to .500″ thick and up to 72″ x 90″.
  2. The flat sheet is mounted into clamps and loaded into an oven. After a specified heating time, the
    sheet is removed from the oven and is ready to be formed.
  3. The hot sheet is located over or under the forming tool and the tool is brought up to the sheet. A
    seal is made around the sheet and a combination of vacuum and pressure cause the hot sheet to form
    to the shape of the mold. After forming has taken place, the sheet is held in place until the cooling
    process has finished.
  4. A formed part is removed from the clamping and is ready for the trimming processes. Trimming is
    done via saw cutting, drilling, hand routing, and 3 or 5-axis CNC machinery.
  5. An example of the detail that can be achieved with thermoforming.
  6. A finished part is cleaned and ready to be packed in a polybag.Medical Laser Housing Assembly


Along with a long history of custom thermoforming expertise, we have several advantages over other
supplier as we control all of these operations:

  • Part design assistance
  • In-house tooling
  • Complete trimming and finishing capabilities
  • Flexible delivery schedules

Contact Mayfield today to discuss your custom thermoforming applications. You may also visit our sister company Universal Plastics for more information on custom thermoforming

More Technical Information on Custom Termoforming here.



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