Custom Plastic Thermoformed Panels

Custom Thermoformed Plastic Panels

Thermoformed panel

Custom Thermoforming can be used to manufacture an endless array of thermoformed plastic panels for a wide variety of markets.

Mayfield Plastics manufactures a range of thermoformed custom plastic panels for applications ranging from medical equipment to electronic components. Through the simplicity of the vacuum forming process, we can achieve cost efficiencies for you over injection molding for large parts with moderate runs. Savings are specifically realized in tooling and on the time required to prototype and bring your product to fruition. The more complex pressure forming process can also be used if your product has requires fine, detailed finishing and challenging design considerations. Even with pressure forming, the cost savings versus injection molding are very real for large parts with low to moderate volumes.

Medical Plastic Panels

  • Covers for Equipment
  • Sidewalls
  • User interface panels
  • Enclosures
  • Bezels
  • Plastic Panels for hospital rooms

Mayfield has a long history of experience in and extensive knowledge of manufacturing
high quality heavy and thin gauge thermoformed plastic panels.

Industrial Thermoformed  Panels

  • User interfaces
  • Bezels
  • Enclosures
  • Plastic housings
  • Panels

Miscellaneous Thermoformed Plastic Panels

In addition to our expertise in medical and industrial markets, Mayfield has worked with a range of customers to design custom thermoformed plastic panels for a variety of applications, including:

  • Bins, totes and bases
  • Office furniture and interior panels
  • Plastic enclosures for fitness equipment
  • Panels for a variety of industries
  • Marine vehicle parts
  • Transportation components, plastic covers and enclosures

Custom thermoformed plastic enclosures allow a combination of a complex molded geometry with a stylish finished look with relatively low tooling cost. Thermoformed or vacuum formed plastic panels also provide a better finish than fiberglass molded or stamped metal. If you are interested in material handling trays, please contact our sister company Universal Plastics.

Call Mayfield Plastics today to discuss your how we can solve your custom plastic panel requirements.


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