Vacuum Forming FAQs

Vacuum forming, a low-cost thermoforming process, offers an economical method of creating large-size, low-volume plastic parts.
Thermforming specialist Mayfield Plastics has all the answers to your vacuum forming questions.
Read through the most frequently asked questions below, or call us at 800-339-3476 for more information.

What size of parts can be vacuum formed?

Mayfield has the capabilities to vacuum form parts as small as an ice cube to dimensions as large as 8 feet by 5 feet.

Any thermoplastics with the appropriate melt strength can be vacuum formed, and Mayfield Plastics’ dedicated staff has the expertise and technical know-how to help you select the best material for your part.

Is design and engineering assistance available for my vacuum-forming project?

Yes. In fact, the high level of design and engineering assistance available from Mayfield sets us apart from other thermoforming companies. From concept to final design, we can improve the geometries of our customers’ products, ensuring a better part and better control over costs.

What tolerances are required for radii and draft angles?

The project’s specifics and geometries will determine this. Mayfield’s experienced engineering support staff is are available to help each customer work through the design process to make sure the final vacuum-formed part is the right part for your project.

Does Mayfield manufacture thermoformed tooling?

Mayfield has the capability to make, maintain and store all tooling in-house.

Does Mayfield provide post-operation assembly?

Yes, we provide a wide array of assembly procedures, allowing for the production of large, complex final plastic parts.

What file formats are accepted?

Mayfield largely works with SolidWorks, Cimatron and Mastercam, although we have the ability to import just about any type of file, including IGS.


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