Thermoforming Mold Making

Highly Experienced and Talented Craftsman Differentiate Mayfield Plastics Today

The quality of thermoformed plastics parts depends on the expertise used to produce the molds that produce exceptional plastic parts.

Mayfield Plastics is one of the few thermoforming companies that controls all facets of moldmaking in-house. We employ talented designers,machinists and all the equipment and tooling needed to produce the majority of our molds in-house. This provides the ultimate control over both quality and delivery schedules.

Thermoforming molds can be produced from a wide variety of materials, depending on thesize of the part, quantity, detail and accuracy. In some cases, molds may be made from wood or a combination of wood and other materials in a “fabricated” assembly. These types of molds are crafted completely in our facility by experienced mold makers who have been on the job for over 30 years. They possess the prime characteristics of fine craftsmen: talent and experience coupled with immense pride in their work.

Our mold makers use cast aluminum molds for larger quantities production. Aluminum molds are designed by CAD designers. Once designed, these mold designs are transferred to our CNC routers that produce the patterns required for the final mold.
Mayfield Plastics differentiates itself from most thermoforming companies by controlling the mold making process, thereby significantly reducing aluminum mold production lead times.

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