Thermoformed Plastic Trays

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Thermoformed custom plastic trays can serve a wide variety of functions and shapes. Applications encompass everything from a simple flat material handling tray to custom designed and thermoformed trays with specific properties, such as electrostatic discharge (ESD) or chemically resistant for containing  specific items.  A custom plastic tray will contain and assist in the manufacture, protection, packaging and transportation of a wide variety of products.


Types of plastic trays include:

  • Material Handling Trays: used for a variety of end-use applications to transport and contain materials with specific properties
  • Pick & Place Trays: manufacturing aid used to organize parts during the manufacturing process
  • Shipping Trays: used to transport all types of products; custom designs & materials are used to optimally ship the product based on specific requirements
  • Part Protection Trays: delicate, expensive or unstable parts can be easily stored and transported in custom thermoformed trays
  • ESD protection Trays: dissipates static to protect sensitive electronic components
  • Food Packaging Trays: can be developed with specific properties to ensure optimal shelf life, such as cold temperature durability, etc.
  • Retail Packaging Trays: our custom packaging for retail products are designed to be functional, aesthetically pleasing, and tamper-proof
  • Automation Trays: used as an in-house manufacturing aid for various high technology processes, including but not limited to high volume injection molding
  • Bakery Trays: used to store, display and transport perishable baked goods effectively & with an eye to attracting the customer
  • Medical Trays: used in a variety of medical applications requiring highly custom properties, design & quality
  • Drip Trays: often used in scientific or medical test equipment to contain fluids & avoid dripping or leaching of chemicals in the process of using equipment
  • Packaging Trays: custom made for a variety of end-use applications to transport, store and display retail, food & medical products based on specific customer needs

Along with our expertise, our sister company, Universal Plastics has expertise in manufacturing a wide range of custom thermoformed plastic trays for a variety of applications. From disposable trays for packaging, or re-useable and washable industrial drip trays, or even material handling applications, Mayfield Plastics and Universal has over 50 years of practical experience to help you find the best design for your application.


PVC, PETG, PET, Styrene  and HDPE are the most commonly used plastic materials for thermoforming custom plastic trays.

Thermoformed Plastic Trays

For more information contact Mayfield Plastics or visit the Universal Plastics website for more information on plastic trays.


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