Thermoformed Plastic Enclosures

Thermoformed Plastic Enclosures

Thermoforming can be used to manufacture an endless array of thermoformed plastic enclosures, trays and other components for a wide variety of markets.

The benefits of thermoformed plastic enclosures include faster time to market, lower initial project costs, tooling advantages and modifications to initial design. Mayfield Plastics supplies plastic enclosures to the Medical, Industrial, and diversified markets. If you are looking for plastic trays, visit our sister company Universal Plastics

Medical Thermoformed Plastic Enclosures

Thermoformed Plastic Enclosures

  • Equipment covers
  • Sidewalls, user interface panels
  • Bezels and enclosures
  • Internal components
  • Work-in-progress trays
  • Hospital room panels

Mayfield has extensive knowledge in manufacturing high quality heavy and thin gauge thermoformed plastic enclosures, thermoforming products and packaging for the medical industry.

Telecom Thermoformed Plastic Enclosures

Radomes for:

Thermoformed Plastic Enclosures

  • RVs
  • Yachts
  • Military aircraft
  • Commercial aircraft
  • Ground-based operations

We have significant thermoforming experience in the production of all radome shapes and sizes.

Industrial Thermoformed Plastic Enclosures

  • User interfaces
  • Bezels
  • Enclosures
  • Plastic housings
  • Panels

Diversified Thermoformed Plastic Enclosures

  • Bins, totes and bases
  • Office furniture and interior panels
  • Plastic enclosures for fitness equipment
  • Underground pipe supports and housings
  • Domes and panels for a variety of industries
  • Marine vehicle parts
  • Transportation components, plastic covers and enclosures

Contact Mayfield now at 800-339-3476 to take advantage of our thermoforming plastic enclosure expertise.

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