Thermoformed Medical Devices

Thermoformed Medical Device

Thermoforming has become the process of choice for many manufacturers of medical devices and equipment. Custom thermoformed parts are used as enclosures, housings or covers for the mechanical or electronic components in medical devices and equipment.

Mayfield Plastics currently supplies thermoformed medical device manufacturer’s covers, enclosures and panels.

Mayfield Plastics  uses the highest quality plastic materials which meet UL 94 V-O and FDA requirements. From flame retardant ABS, to PVC and chemical resistant HDPE and Kydex, we work with leading companies for a number of standard and specialty materials, based on your needs. The experts in our Design & Engineering Team can provide you with guidance on the optimal material needed for your part. 

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Why Thermoforming for Medical Devices and Components?

Pressure thermoforming provides an economical and attractive solution to manufacturing quality, large and aesthetically pleasing enclosures, panels, trays, covers and sidewalls.

Custom thermoforming provides parts similar to injection molding but at a much lower tooling cost.  Thermoforming medical devices offers lower cost tooling for large part production and much quicker lead times to market which is often important in the medical device field. Mayfield’s thermoformed plastic part can be combined with sheet metal components in order to unlock the benefits of both materials you’re your product. Mayfield has the expertise, engineering assistance and proven experience to make your custom thermoforming medical device needs a reality.

Thermoformed Medical Device Applications

Medical Devices

    • Medical Equipment covers
    • Sidewalls, user interface panels
    • Bezels and enclosures
    • Internal components
    • Work-in-progress trays
    • Hospital room panels


Thermoformed Medical Device Materials and Compliance

Medical equipment manufacturers are required to meet stringent global safety standards and custom thermoforming provides materials and processes that comply with these standards. Mayfield uses materials in ABS and PVC that meet UL94-V0 flammability.

Medical device equipment companies have selected custom thermoforming for their medical devices from Mayfield Plastics due to our:

  • Low upfront tooling investment for multiple part assemblies
  • Competitive component cost
  • Rapid development times
  • Flexibility
  • Excellent finish of thermoformed medical device components

Mayfield Plastics is your company of choice for all your custom thermoformed medical device needs including:

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