Sutton, MA May 10,, 2010 – Mayfield Plastics is the featured article in this month’s edition of Plastic Technology magazine. The article entitled “Mayfield Rides the Medical Wave” details the transformation the company has made from the machine tool industry to a major player in medical thermoformed parts. According to the article, Mayfield’s physical location in Massachusetts played a role in its decision to seek out medical business. “This area has typically been where innovative companies have located,” says company president Ron Cross.

Mayfield has served the medical market for the past 25 years, and today some 70% of its business is in that field, notably housings and skins for diagnostic machines like CAT Scanners. Its medical product line also includes sidewalls, user interface panels, bezels and thermoformed enclosures, internal components, thermoformed medical devices , work-in progress trays, and hospital room panels.

The full article can be found at and more information regarding Mayfield may be found at the company website

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