Custom Thermoforming

Mayfield Plastics designs and manufactures highly quality custom thermoforming products including thermoformed medical devices, custom plastic radomes, custom thermoformed plastic enclosures and plastic panels. Whatever your custom thermoforming needs are, we can help. …Read More

Vacuum Forming

Mayfield Plastics is a major national and international vacuum forming supplier to major OEM’s. We are a custom vacuum forming supplier to major medical manufacturers across the country as well as a variety industrial and electronic firms. However, due to our central location in New England we can be a local vacuum forming supplier to companies in
Massachusetts (MA), Connecticut (CT), Rhode Island (RI), New Hampshire (NH), Maine (ME) and Vermont (VT) and all of the USA. ….Read More

Pressure Forming

Pressure forming is a sophisticated version of the vacuum forming process. This process closes the appearance gap with traditional molding techniques. Pressure forming is really an old thermoforming technique which has been used by the thin-gage plastic packaging forming industry for many years….Read More

Twin sheet thermoforming

Twin Sheet pressure forming is a process where 2 sheets of material are heated and formed at the same time.   During the molding process the 2 sheets are preformed into their respective molds and then quickly
pressed together.  While they are being pressed together a pin is pushed through one of the sheets and air is blown in causing the sheets to be pressure formed.  This creates an extremely strong, rigid part.  The
heat and pressure cause the 2 sheets to become a single unit where they are touching and allow the parts to be trimmed completely flush all around.  Products manufactured with the twin sheet thermoforming process may look similar to blow molding or rotational molding but are often less costly to form, and can be highly cosmetic. …Read More

Thermoforming Mold Making

The quality of thermoformed plastics parts depends on the expertise used to produce the molds that produce exceptional plastic parts.

Mayfield Plastics is one of the few thermoforming companies that controls all facets of moldmaking in-house. We employ talented designers,machinists and all the equipment and tooling needed to produce the majority of our molds in-house. This provides the ultimate control over both quality and delivery schedules. …Read More

Heavy Gauge Thermoforming

Mayfield Plastics is a thermoforming company supplying the medical, electronic and industrial markets. Our thermoforming machines will accommodate sheets up to 60 x 108. Our thermoformed product range in thickness from 0.060 to  0.375 or even thicker.

Heavy gauge thermoforming, sometimes referred to as thick gauge thermoforming, is used to create sturdy rigid enclosures for equipment such as computers, medical devices, radomes, electronic enclosures, outdoor equipment, and exercise equipment. …Read More

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