As a leading specialist in thermoforming and vacuum forming, Mayfield Plastics knows the importance of having all the right information to make the right decisions that support your customers — and your bottom line.

Select a link below to learn more about thermoforming and its related processes or call us at 800-339-3476 for the right solutions to your critical thermoforming requirements.

Plastic Thermoforming or Injection Molding?

Thermoforming or Rotomolding?

Plastic Enclosures, Radomes & Other Thermoforming Applications

Plastic Fabrication in Thermoforming

Vacuum Forming FAQs

We also provide a number of other useful resources, including:

Pressure Forming Tutorial

Vacuum Forming Tutorial

Thermoformed Parts Photo Gallery

We’re proud of our long-standing reputation as a thermoforming specialist.

Call us now at 800-339-3476 to learn why our customers rely on Mayfield Plastics’ expertise and experience.

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