Plastic Fabrication in Thermoforming

Heavy-gauge thermoforming provides the capabilities to create a wide array of parts, including:


  • Plastic enclosures
  • Structural bezels
  • Radomes
  • Covers
  • Equipment panels


  • Packaging
  • Medical applications
  • Work-in-progress trays
  • Food containers
  • Seedling trays

Plastic fabrication in combination with heavy-gauge thermoforming provides additional value by creating much larger parts while keeping tooling costs down. CNC, heating and bending, and other plastic fabrication processes can be combined to create a variety of diversified and complex plastic parts.

Mayfield Plastics’ plastic fabrication expertise allows us to create the end product that you need for your next project.

We also have the capabilities to thermoform materials from the thinnest plastic film to sheets as thick as a half-inch.

Call us today at 800-339-3476 for assistance with your thermoforming and plastic fabrication projects.

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