Sutton, MA — Keeping current with customer demands as well as improving efficiencies and quality, Mayfield Plastics has announced the delivery of a new MAAC single station thermoforming machine. “The new equipment is indicative of our commitment to our customers in providing the latest technology,” said Ronald Cross, President. “The new 48 X60 MAAC 54S has a PLC controller providing 10 automatic forming techniques to give the customer repeatability when producing thermoformed parts. It has unlimited storage of job files and is equipped with top and bottom quartz ovens providing “instant on” during the heating cycle and “instant off” during the forming cycle for the most in energy efficiency,” Cross said.

Mayfield Plastics is a leading custom thermoforming and vacuum-forming supplier to the medical, industrial and electronic markets. They supply custom thermoformed panels, medical devices, covers, bezels, radomes and enclosures for many industries. “In spite of the weak economy in 2009, we continue to invest in our plant and equipment to provide unmatched quality and service for our thermoformed products. We are heavily involved in the thermoformed medical device market and will continue to invest in state of the art equipment to remain a leader in our market,” Cross said.

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