Mayfield Plastics has announced the release of the “Thermoforming Design Guide”. This design guide is provided for mechanical engineers and designers and for others who have a need to understand the technical specifications for thermoforming, vacuum forming, and pressure forming.

The Thermoforming Design Guide explains and illustrates the design requirements that engineers and designers need to keep in mind when designing for the thermoforming process. The guide provides detailed information on dimensional tolerances, draw ratios, undercuts, plug assists, radii and chamfers as well as other technical information.

“We hope to educate engineers and designers on the finer points of thermoforming”, said Harrison

Greene, Vice-President of Growth and Development. “We feel it is important to educate and inform since we are experts in this field and engineers and designers today are often faced with sourcing a huge variety of products.” Greene said.

The Guide may be downloaded by clicking on the image below.

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