Vacuum Forming Details

This method is the most commonly used technique for forming plastic sheets into custom shapes. It is also the most economical method.

Dimensions – Tolerances
Please see the sheet titled “Standard Manufacturers’ Tolerances” for guidelines.

Draft Angles
Draft on male (positive) molds should be 2°-5°. Draft on female (negative) molds may be 1°-4°. Draft angles are necessary to prevent the part locking onto the molds.

Radii and Fillets
Radii and Fillets are required on most vacuum formed parts. They should never be less than the minimum part thickness. They should be 2-4 times the expected wall thickness when extra strength and thickness of parts are required.

Material Thickness
Material starting thickness will always be thinner when the part is formed and will vary upon the general size, height, depth of pockets and other complexities. If you have any questions on starting thickness specifications or any other design considerations, please contact the Mayfield Plastics’ sales engineering team. Check here for  information on laser alignment.

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