Custom Clamshell Packaging

Mayfield Plastics’ custom manufacturing expertise along with an ISO 9001:2008 certification allows us to design ideal solutions for all of your custom clamshell packaging requirements.Custom clamshell packaging

Mayfield can manufacture custom clamshell packaging in material thickness from 0.010 inches to 0.055 inches. We have the experience and knowledge to assist you in determining the right thickness and materials based on your particular product needs.

Materials most commonly thermoformed for custom clamshell packaging include OPS, PVC, PETG and RPET. Other specialty materials are available based on your needs.

Custom clamshell packaging from Mayfield Plastics will display your products for optimum value and protect against pilferage while maximizing the utilization of expensive shelf space.

Mayfield manufactures a wide range of clamshells, including but not limited to:

Custom Food Clamshell Packaging:

Mayfield Plastics will partner with you to design custom food clamshell packaging to maximize your product’s customer appeal and maintain its integrity through manufacturing, transportation, display and customer use. Our rigorous quality standards and procedures in conjunction with our ISO9001:2015 certification will ensure that your custom food clamshell packaging is of the highest quality standards. Our custom food packaging products are designed to be tamper proof, FDA approved and to provide you with maximum flexibility.

Custom Medical Clamshell Packaging:

Mayfield Plastics is ISO 9001 Registered and ANAB Accredited and we are proudly committed to manufacturing custom medical clamshell packaging of the highest quality standards. We will partner with you at the very outset, from the product concept stage, to help design custom medical clamshell packaging which protects & maintains the integrity of your product, displays it effectively for customer use and keeps your unit costs low.

Custom Retail Clamshell Packaging:

Our custom retail clamshell packaging solutions are designed to maximize your product’s visual appeal on the shelf, protect against pilferage and damage, and allow you to effectively personalize your product display and messaging. Mayfield Plastics’ years of experience with custom retail clamshell packaging has taught us to understand the importance of functional, eye-catching packaging and we will partner with you to create the optimum custom retail clamshell packaging for your needs.

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