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Jay Kumar on BusinessWest’s 40 Under Forty Class of 2015

President and Owner, Universal Plastics Corp.; Age 36

Jay Kumar

Jay Kumar spent nearly a decade on Wall Street as a proprietary trader for J.P. Morgan Chase, eventually rising through the ranks to executive director. He did very well for himself on ‘the Street,’ but there was something missing in terms of professional satisfaction, feelings that came to the surface during what Kumar called some “deep soul searching” when new financial regulations, specifically the so-called Volcker Rule, passed in the wake of the financial crisis of 2008, shutting down ‘prop trading,’ as it was called.“I was talking to my father about the idea of small-business ownership,” he recalled. “I did some thinking about it and liked the idea of buying and running a small manufacturing business.”

He talked further with a family friend who owned a few such ventures, and those discussions only whetted his appetite. That friend knew of an established Holyoke business, Universal Plastics, that was on the market.

In June 2012, Kumar purchased the precision thermoformer and has become a thoroughly hands-on owner with the operation. Since taking the reins, he has expanded the company through acquisition of Mayfield Plastics in Sutton in late 2013, while also introducing greater automation and adding new equipment that has increased efficiency and opened doors to new business.

The seismic career shift has been everything he anticipated, and more.

“I was excited by the idea of building something,” he told BusinessWest. “In my old career, I didn’t really get to build — it was much more about numbers and the computer screen; you never really saw what you were doing.

“Here, you could see we were making things; my first day here, they showed me the underside of a pool table they were making,” he went on. “You could see all these very tangible things that were being made, and that intrigued me.”

What also intrigues this father of two are the challenges to securing a qualified workforce for the years and decades to come. To that end, he has continued and expanded a long tradition of opening the doors to Universal Plastics to young people with the hopes that they might come to understand and then capitalize on the opportunities in the manufacturing sector.

“We try to encourage people to know what manufacturing is,” Kumar said, “and that it can be an exciting place to work — and a rewarding place to work.”

— George O’Brien
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Jay Kumar on Plastics News Executive Forum 2015 Rising Stars Panel

Rising stars see plenty of room for growth in plastics

“Manufacturing is an incredibly promising field to young entrepreneurs. There’s a lot of innovation in plastics in particular.”

                             – Jay Kumar, President & Owner, Universal Plastics & Mayfield Plastics

By: Frank Esposito


LAKE LAS VEGAS, NEV. — The plastics industry’s rising stars rose to the occasion at the 2015 Plastics News Executive Forum — but they probably won’t be reading about it on Twitter.


Of the four-person panel, Kim Holmes said she was trying to use the social media network more, Michael Lipton said his firm had hired someone to do so, and Bryan Campbell and Jay Kumar said they barely used Twitter at all.


“I’ve read maybe six tweets in my life,” said Kumar, president of Massachusetts-based thermoformers Universal Plastics Corp. and Mayfield Plastics Inc. “I just don’t think you can say that much in 140 characters.”


The foursome — each age 40 or younger — also shared their thoughts on non-Twitter topics at the event, Feb. 4-5 in Lake Las Vegas.


“The younger generation is concerned about environmental issues,” said Holmes, senior director of recycling and diversion the Washington-based Society of the Plastics Industry Inc. “The two issues that come up about plastics are inconsistent access to recycling — which leads to the image that a plastic might not be able to be recycled — and plastics’ persistence in the environment. It can stay for a long time.”


At age 35, Kumar already is president of two firms. He and his father Sunil bought Universal in 2012 and added Mayfield in 2013. “Manufacturing is an incredibly promising field to young entrepreneurs,” he said. “There’s a lot of innovation in plastics in particular. Manufacturing tends to get overlooked, but there’s a lot of opportunity there.”


Lipton is director of plastics for the Arizona Pacific Plastics LLC business of recycling firm Recycle 1. That firm began in paper recycling before moving into plastics. “Paper recycling was easier than plastics, because it’s less complicated,” he said. “But we’re now recycling 30 million pounds of plastics per year. A lot of companies are still putting good [plastics] recycling material in the trash.”


Campbell, president of the southern division of injection molder Mack Molding Co., said that his firm is reaching out to younger people by working with high schools and offering internships. “We need to build for the future and set tangible goals,” he added.


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To learn more about Universal Plastics, visit our website:

Mayfield Plastics – A Medical Device Manufacturer’s Dream –  Design2 Part Magazine, Feb 2015


Mayfield Plastics’ is the subject of an article about Medical Device Manufacturing, entitled ‘Mayfield Plastics – A Medical Device Manufacturer’s Dream’. The article showcases Mayfield’s deep resume and expertise in medical device manufacturing and now, with joint ownership under Jay Kumar, Mayfield Plastics often partners with Universal Plastics to offer an extensive array of thermoforming capabilities, design & engineering support, and secondary services.

A Medical Device Manufacturer’s Dream

Highly cosmetic, pressure-formed parts that meet strict quality and functional requirements within tight

timelines are a specialty of a Massachusetts thermoformer, which often teams up with its sister company

to solve customers’ engineering quandaries.

By Mark Shortt

Experience, an attribute that medical device OEMs value highly in their suppliers, is something that

Mayfield Plastics offers in abundance. Mayfield, an ISO 9001:2008 registered manufacturer of custom

thermoformed parts, has been active in the medical device thermoforming space for over 40 years. During

that span, the company has partnered with medical device customers to design and manufacture parts used

in everything from medical lasers to X-ray equipment, bone density scanners, CT scan machines, and

MRI machines. Other applications have included medical carts, dental equipment, and custom medical

device packaging, such as clamshell containers for patients’ belongings, first aid kits, and syringe trays.

Since 2006, the company has been operating a 60,000-square-foot facility in Sutton, Massachusetts,

where it works with major medical OEMs to make a variety of housings, bezels, enclosures, panels, and

medical packaging, as well as medical trays and material handling products, among numerous others.

With the coming together of Mayfield Plastics and its sister company — Holyoke, Massachusetts-based

Universal Plastics — under the single ownership of Jay Kumar in 2013, Mayfield’s customers now have

access to the full resources of both custom thermoforming companies. Universal Plastics, known for its

in-house design capabilities, offers multiple in-house services in addition to thermoforming, including

painting, EMI/RFI shielding, and assembly

“Dual site capabilities allow us to meet all of our customers’ needs, provide excellent customer service,

and guarantee exceptional quality,” said Pia Kumar, Mayfield’s director of corporate development, in an

e-mailed response.

Mayfield’s custom thermoforming processes — thin and heavy gauge forming, vacuum forming, pressure

forming, and twin-sheet forming — are able to convert a sheet of plastic into a highly detailed finished

product with considerably less tooling investment than other plastic molding processes, such as injection


“As a supplier to OEMs, Mayfield Plastics’ biggest strength is our proven track record in high quality,

custom, complex medical device product manufacturing,” said Ms. Kumar. “Mayfield Plastics offers an

extensive resume in medical device parts manufacturing, and our expertise lies in manufacturing a custom

product suited to the customer’s specific performance or functional need.

“Our medical device customers are looking to us to design and/or manufacture a highly cosmetic part that

meets exacting quality and functional requirements,” she continued. “The look and feel is highly specific

to the branding and image the customer is looking to portray because usually, the parts we are

manufacturing are highly visible and critical to the aesthetic look of the overall medical device.”

Paul Davidson, sales engineer for Mayfield Plastics, said that when bringing a medical product to market,

medical industry OEMs typically express concerns over two main issues: the aesthetic appeal and

cosmetic aspects of the product, and the need for rapid turnaround.

“Typically, we’re seeing products that have been in development for a while, and now they’re finally just

getting around to doing the exterior, the housing pieces,” he said in an interview. “So we end up being the

one that has to hustle along trying to bring the project to completion. And, of course, a lot of these

medical devices are pretty sophisticated and sell for a pretty high price point. So, to go hand-in-hand with

that, they’re usually looking for a very modern, very high cosmetic level, with good aesthetics and a good

design concept behind it.”

The thermoforming process that’s most likely to be chosen for Mayfield’s medical equipment projects is

pressure forming, a process tailor-made for highly cosmetic parts. Pressure forming enables much sharper

detail to be achieved on thermoformed parts by increasing the forming pressure well beyond that which is

used in traditional vacuum forming.

“Pressure forming allows you to form the parts into a female mold, and the mold can actually be textured,

just like an injection mold would, so you can emboss the texture into the part during the forming

process,” said Davidson. “It allows you to form tight corners and do some modern design features, like

ribs and style lines, which seem to be in vogue these days.”

Kumar said that Mayfield Plastics offers all the services that its medical device customers need, from

product conception to market launch. The company’s in-house design engineers offer complete product

design support and can partner with the OEM customer to design the part. Its in-house tooling department

provides control over the entire process, allowing Mayfield to provide speed to market and guarantee the

tight timelines that are so important to medical device OEM customers.

On the manufacturing front, Mayfield provides a variety of services—from secondary operations to

accepting blanket orders that allow for KanBan type stocking programs for Just in Time deliveries—that

enable the company to operate as a turnkey, single-source contract manufacturing partner. The company

operates 3-axis and 5-axis CNC equipment for precise trimming of formed parts, and its roster of

secondary services includes complex assembly, as well as in-house finish painting, RFI/EMI shielding,

custom packaging, exact color matching, and drape forming. And consistent with its ISO certification,

Mayfield has a rigorous Quality Control department that employs a CMM to verify tooling against 3-

dimensional models before releasing the tooling for production. After production, parts are inspected for

conformance to quality standards.

“When a new customer comes to us, they want to know that they are working with a company with

experience, a company that understands the highly cosmetic and functionally exacting requirements of

this market,” said Kumar. “Along with Mayfield’s track record of successfully working with major

medical device OEMs, our in-house engineering, design services and tooling are important differentiators

for customers. Because Mayfield Plastics is able to provide comprehensive, end-to-end manufacturing

services, customers are guaranteed that consistency of quality and that control on every element of the

process will remain with them.”

Like Kumar, Davidson credits Mayfield’s in-house design, engineering, and toolmaking expertise as a

differentiator that enables the company to specialize in the type of complex, custom products required by

its medical device customers. Toolmakers on staff bring more than 100 years of cumulative experience to

their work. And by combining its engineering staff with that of Universal Plastics, its Holyoke, Mass.-

based sister company, Mayfield offers the mechanical and manufacturing engineering talents of six


“What you find these days is that a lot of companies are running lean and mean, and they don’t have the

expertise in the thermoforming business to know how to properly develop parts for thermoforming,”

Davidson said. “Also, they just don’t have the staff necessary to devote the manpower to getting designs

done themselves. So being able to just bring in a concept, or bring in some kind of an overview of what

they’re looking to do, and then hand it off to our crew to finish up the design and come up with a detailed

product, is pretty important.”

The company’s full-service, in-house design services include more than design assistance. Clients might

come to Mayfield with a framework that they’re looking to have covered, Davidson said, or with a napkin

sketch that needs to be developed into a thermoformable part that requires the creation of mounting points

and cut-outs.

“We can actually take the customer’s concept and do a design concept from that, and then develop it into

a 3D CAD model,” he said. “And we can send them the CAD model so they can do a test up with their

equipment before we finalize the design. So, as far as thermoforming goes, it’s a full-service design

house, actually, right in house.”

A major medical equipment OEM customer recently approached Mayfield with a design concept for a

new housing assembly for a new product. Operating on a limited budget, the customer was looking to

achieve a very specific overall appearance for the unit, which needed to be a highly cosmetic, complex,

multi-piece assembly with many accessory components. Working together with the customer, Mayfield

was able to develop and execute on an approach that met all of the exacting design and cosmetic

requirements while still coming in on budget and on time.

“Our in-house sales engineers and designers partnered with their designers to develop a solution

consisting of a combination of pressure formed panels, with a texture painted finish, [and] several access

panels fabricated from smoked acrylic,” said Kumar. “This included a large main acrylic panel with

several bends that needed to be precisely fabricated to match the contours of the mating, pressure formed

end panels.” Ultimately, Kumar said, Mayfield provided its customer with a turnkey solution within the

timeline of their new product launch.

Ellen Sora, an account executive with Mayfield, said that the company is able to provide what medical

device OEM customers value most in a supplier—“years of experience, the knowledge, the engineering

background, and a well-known history of making parts similar to what they’re looking for,” she said.

Davidson agreed, adding that “they’re looking for you to be cost competitive—not necessarily the lowest

cost, but it’s a combination of cost competitiveness, experience, reliability, and capability, and I think we

offer a very good balance with those items. We do just in time delivery for a good number of our medical

device companies, where we will manufacture parts on a blanket order basis and then deliver to them on a

weekly or on a monthly basis, based on their needs. So that way, they can get the pricing advantage of

placing a larger order, but they don’t have to carry the inventory until they need it.”

Mayfield’s location in Massachusetts is also advantageous for medical device customers, many of whom

are based less than an hour away in the Boston-Cambridge metropolitan area, well known as a magnet for

medical research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. About 65 to 70 percent of Mayfield’s customer base

comprises medical device clients, Sora said.

“Close proximity certainly helps,” she said, adding that “a lot of our customers like face-to-face visits and

meetings, to be able to sit down and actually discuss and work on their projects together as a partnership.”

Davidson said that close proximity is helpful for other reasons, too.

“A lot of companies these days like to pre-qualify their vendors, so they like to do site surveys before

they’ve chosen someone as a supplier, and being in close proximity certainly makes that easier,” he said.

“We find that if the customer is designing their own parts, being able to work with their designers and

come in and answer questions, and look at the units on their floor and talk to them hand-to-hand, face-to-

face, in terms of what their design concept is, how the panels are going to mount, how it’s going to mate

up with surrounding sheet metal components, what areas need to be covered, where you need

clearance—all that kind of thing is much easier to accomplish when you can do it face-to-face rather than

trying to do it long distance.”

To download a PDF of the full article, click here.

Mayfield Plastics featured in Design2 Part’s Medical Device Product Design & Manufacturing Issue – Feb 2015


Mayfield Plastics is featured in an article about Medical Device Manufacturing, entitled ‘Personalized Care Drives Innovation in Medical Product Design and Manufacturing’. The article is about how the more things change, the more they stay the same – as medical OEMs hold fast to requirements for quality, reliability and shorter lead times, established and credible suppliers like Mayfield Plastics remain strong.

The excerpt from the article featuring Mayfield Plastics reads as follows:

Pia Kumar, director of corporate development for Mayfield Plastics, a custom thermoforming company

based in Sutton, Massachusetts, can vouch for medical device OEMs’ reliance on suppliers that have

experience in medical manufacturing. Mayfield, which recently completed a highly cosmetic, complex,

multi-piece housing assembly for a major medical OEM customer, has more than 40 years of experience in

the industry. The company has won awards from the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) Thermoforming

Division in multiple categories, including Best Pressure Formed Parts.

“When a new customer comes to us, they want to know that they are working with a company with

experience, a company that understands the highly cosmetic and functionally exacting requirements of this

market,” said Kumar. “Along with Mayfield’s track record of successfully working with major medical

device OEMs, our in-house engineering, design services and tooling are important differentiators for

customers.”  For more on Mayfield Plastics, see the feature, “A Medical Device Manufacturer’s Dream.”

To download the full article, click here.


Mayfield Plastics – Sister Company of Universal Plastics – Host Students for AMP it up! Video Challenge


Sutton, Ma.  Almost 40 middle school children from the Sutton Middle School visited custom thermoformer Mayfield Plastics last week to participate in the AMP it up! Video challenge.  The AMP it up! Challenge invites students to research the inner workings of an advanced manufacturing innovation and how it impacts the world around them. The students are challenged to bring this topic to life in a 3-minute video and submit it on the AMP it up! website. The video must capture three main ideas about a product, including “how it is made, why it matters, and what it means to me”.

“Mayfield Plastics, which is owned by Jay Kumar, who also owns Universal Plastics, a custom thermoformer based in Holyoke MA, is a strong advocate of workforce development and embraced this opportunity to give students an inside view of advanced manufacturing processes”, said Paul Davidson, Sales Manager at Mayfield Plastics, “We have a strong legacy in local manufacturing and a commitment to engaging the younger generation in what we do – someday we hope that they will be part of our workforce.”

The students’ visit to Mayfield Plastics included an SPE introduction to thermoforming video, reviewing various sample parts and a question-and-answer session both before & after the shop tour. After careful review by a panel of judges, the public will vote online for the best student-developed video.  Winning videos will earn cash prizes or grants donated to their schools. One video will take the grand prize of $5,000. Additionally, one middle school and one high school from each of five regions across Massachusetts will be awarded each. There will be a total of eleven winners and $30,000 in prize money, provided by the Manufacturing Futures Fund. Winner will be announced on June 8th.

“We are delighted to participate in & support this initiative and enjoy working with the local schools in educating young people about the wealth of opportunities in manufacturing right in their backyard”, said Paul Davidson.


About Mayfield Plastics:

Mayfield ( is a leading manufacturer of custom pressure, vacuum formed and thermoformed parts and components specializing in thermoformed medical devicesand components, but also serving a variety of additional industries including aerospace, telecom, electronics, computer, hospital, chromatography, machine-tool and transportation. In 2013, Mayfield Plastics was purchased by Jay Kumar, who also owns Universal Plastics, a custom thermoformer based in Holyoke MA with the intent of growing the thermoforming business locally through the combined strength and synergies of both companies. Together, Mayfield & Universal Plastics represent the largest thermoformer in New England and are proud to offer a manufacturing service which is state of the art. Equally, as a family-run business, Mayfield Plastics takes special pride in upholding a strong commitment to its customers and employees. For more information about Mayfield Plastics, please visit

About Amp it up!:

AMP it up! was created  to help students (middle through high school) and adults (parents, guidance counselors, and other influencers) take advantage of the many great, highly skilled, well-paying manufacturing jobs available in Massachusetts. Through AMP it up!, students who like to build things and solve problems can plan for a lucrative career with a choice of jobs, often without a four-year college degree. They provide schools with resources, and guidance students need for jobs in high-tech processing, factory automation, product development, nanotechnology, direct digital fabrication, micromanufacturing, and other exciting fields. Amp it up! is part of MassDevelopment. For more information visit

You can also read a story about the Amp it up! Video Challenge in the Worcester Telegram or in the Sutton Middle School newsletter:

Owner of Universal Plastics

& Mayfield Plastics Selected as Rising Star by Plastic News


Holyoke, Ma – Jay

Kumar, Owner and President of Universal Plastics, has been selected as a Rising

Star by

Plastic News in their August

11, 2014 edition.  Kumar is one of 20 top achievers under age

40 selected by

Plastics News for recognition as the plastics industry’s

best and brightest stars. The selection process focused on individuals who are

on the path to becoming plastics industry leaders – or who are already there.

June of 2014 marked the second anniversary of Jay Kumar’s

introduction to Advanced Manufacturing in the Plastics Industry when he

purchased 47-year-old Universal Plastics in Holyoke MA from Joe, Mike and Rich

Peters, the second generation owners who had run the thermoforming operation

for over 25 years.  Alongside growing

Universal and less than 18 months after the acquisition, Jay acquired a second

facility when he bought out Sutton, MA-based Mayfield Plastics with the intent

of growing the thermoforming business locally through the combined strength and

synergies of both companies.

What is most unusual about this story is that all of Jay’s

business experience came from being a Wall Street Trader for ten of his thirty-five

years. States Joe Peters, CEO of Universal Plastics, “Jay has been here for 2

years and has no plastics, manufacturing or management background. What he has

done is tremendous in terms of learning, adapting, and growing the business.”

Jay’s entrepreneurial drive is manifest in his focus on

results. Says Don Andreoli, Universal Plastics’ Head of Engineering, “With Jay,

it’s all about results. It’s that very thing that is in his ‘sight’ from the

beginning.  Keeping his eye on this is a key

factor to his success in managing this business. To help take this company from

where it was to where it is speaks to his entrepreneurial drive.  He has a

vision and knows how to chart the course to get there. ” According to

Terry Minnick, Owner & President of Molding Business Services, who has

worked with Jay on a variety of projects, including the Mayfield acquisition,

“In addition to his compassion and integrity, Jay is a visionary thinker in the

plastics business.  He understands the market for thermoforming and is

looking for ways to offer more solutions to his customers.  This forward

thinking almost guarantees success. If Jay gets locked onto a project, you

know, without a doubt, it will get done.”

Don Loepp, Plastics News editor,

said, “I’m really excited about our inaugural group of Rising Stars honorees. The

interest and response to the call for nominees was outstanding. We accomplished

our goal of finding some of the best and brightest young talent in the plastics



profiles of all Rising Stars may be viewed in the Aug. 11, 2014, edition of Plastics

News or on the

organization’s website at


About Universal


Universal Plastics is a custom thermoformer based in Holyoke

MA with strong legacy of expertise in manufacturing thermoformed plastic parts

of the highest quality with a distinct focus on customer satisfaction.

Universal has been in business for over 45 years with a world class management

team and currently serves customers in a variety of industries including

aerospace, medical device manufacturers, transportation, consumer products,

food packaging and electronic companies.

As a custom manufacturer, Universal has made kayaks, air

ducts, bus stop signs, kayaks from recycled detergent

bottles, etc. In 2008 they added a 30,000 square foot addition to their Whiting

Farms Road building for a total of 100,000 square feet of production and office

space. The company is ISO 9001 certified.

For more information visit


Mayfield Plastics Acquired by

Owner of Universal Plastics



Plastics, a custom thermoformer based in Sutton MA, was recently acquired by

Jay Kumar, owner of Universal Plastics, a custom thermoformer based in Holyoke



Sutton, MA

(PRWEB) December 16, 2013 – Mayfield Plastics was recently acquired by Jay Kumar, the owner of

Universal Plastics, a custom thermoformer based in Holyoke MA. The acquisition

will allow Mr. Kumar to continue to execute on his vision to find ways to add

additional value to customers, grow the business and establish a stronger

footprint in the custom plastic thermoforming space. The intention of this

merger is to provide Mayfield with additional management, technical and

financial support. Both Mayfield and Universal will continue to maintain their

facilities, brand, employees and procedures.


Mr. Kumar plans to invest in Mayfield which ensures that Mayfield can

continue to service customer needs and support existing business and any new

business for years to come. The companies’ combined capabilities will support

greater productivity & capacity within custom thermoplastic manufacturing.

Longer term, the combination is expected to provide a broader suite of product

offerings and services to customers. The terms of the sale were not made



“I, along with my management team, believe that this merger strengthens

both Mayfield and Universal Plastics. The combined entity will be among the

largest custom thermoformers in the North Eastern United

States and with greater scale, we are well-positioned to provide customers with

top quality products and excellent service in meeting their thermoformed

plastics needs. Specifically, this merger will benefit customers through our

increased capacity in custom thermoforming, broader range of secondary services

in trimming, and enhanced operational efficiencies & value added services.

Everyone I’ve spoken to at both Mayfield and Universal is excited about this

merger and to be working together to meet all of our customers’ plastics needs.

Above all, we value our relationships with our customers and are committed to

maintaining and growing the value that we provide to them. Their success is our

top priority,” said Jay Kumar.


About Universal



Universal Plastics is a custom thermoforming company based in Holyoke MA

with strong legacy of expertise in manufacturing thermoformed plastic parts of

the highest quality with a distinct focus on customer satisfaction. Universal

has been in business for over 45 years with a world class management team and

currently serves customers in a variety of industries including aerospace,

medical device manufacturers, transportation, consumer products, food packaging

and electronic companies.




As a custom manufacturer, Universal has made kayaks, air ducts for the

Space Shuttle, all of the bus stop signs currently used in New York City and

the bow of the submarines used by the Navy Seals. In 2008 they added a 30,000

square foot addition to their Whiting Farms Road building for a total of

100,000 square feet of production and office space. The company is ISO 9001



Universal Plastics has gross annual sales of approximately $12 million,

employs 70 people and manufactures thermoforming plastics that include custom

containers, protective covers and enclosures for many large companies including

Pratt & Whitney, General Electric and BE Aerospace.


About Jay Kumar


Jay Kumar is a graduate of Cornell University and has worked extensively

in the investment arena, at JPMorgan for ten years as a proprietary trader and

most recently as Managing Principal at PAON LLC. Jay currently serves as President

of Universal Plastics and Mayfield Plastics. In 2012, Jay Kumar acquired

Universal Plastics from the Peters family, pledging to serve as an on-site

manager alongside Joe Peters and grow the business. Over the past eighteen

months under Jay Kumar’s day-to-day leadership and Joe Peters’ ongoing

oversight, Universal Plastics has seen strong growth and expanded its business

with key customers.


About Mayfield



Mayfield Plastics has played a prominent manufacturing role in Central

Massachusetts for almost a half-century. In 1970 the former parent company of

Mayfield Plastics, S.Ralph Cross and Sons, decided to transform its pattern

making business. Founded in 1917 by S. Ralph Cross, his sons, Stanley and

Gordon Cross, made a strategic decision to capitalize on their core competency,

mold making, by coupling it with the manufacturing of custom made plastic parts

using the emerging plastic forming process of thermoforming.

Ron Cross, Gordon’s son became the president and opened the new facility

in 2006. That tradition continues today while the company increasingly serves

the custom plastic parts needs of a variety of industries including aerospace,

medical device manufacturers, transportation and electronic companies. Mayfield

Plastics is registered with the International Organization for Standardization

(ISO), which certifies that the company pays strict adherence to the

manufacturing processes it promises its customers. Working with the

Manufacturing Advancement Center Workforce Innovation Collaborative, the

Manufacturing Extension Partnership, and the Mass Development Corporation,

Mayfield Plastics has assumed a leadership role in advancing careers in

manufacturing today.


Mayfield Plastics Releases Thermoforming Guide

October 30, 2013

Mayfield Plastics has

announced the release of the “Thermoforming Design Guide”. This design

guide is provided for mechanical engineers and designers and for others who

have a need to understand the technical specifications for thermoforming,

vacuum forming, and pressure forming.

The Thermoforming

Design Guide explains and illustrates the design requirements that

engineers and designers need to keep in mind when designing for the

thermoforming process. The guide provides

detailed information on dimensional tolerances, draw ratios, undercuts, plug

assists, radii and chamfers as well as other technical information.

“We hope to educate

engineers and designers on the finer points of thermoforming”, said Harrison

Greene, Vice-President of Growth and Development. “We feel it is important to

educate and inform since we are experts in this field and engineers and

designers today are often faced with sourcing a huge variety of products.” Greene



The Guide may be downloaded at


Mayfield Plastics Awarded  ISO Registration Demonstrating Company’s

Vision of World-Class Manufacturing Operation

July 1, 2013

Mayfield Plastics, a leading thermoforming supplier, proudly announces that its manufacturing facility has been awarded ISO 9001 Registration, demonstrating the company’s vision of a world-class manufacturing operation combined with unrivaled customer service.

The award of ISO 9001 Registration indicates that Mayfield Plastics has implemented a quality management system that enables it to consistently provide products that meets customer requirements and enhances customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system. “The ISO Registration demonstrates our continuing commitment to the quality and reliability of all of our thermoformed products,” said Ron Cross, Mayfield President. “Our customers should be confident we are following the process and procedures reviewed before doing business with Mayfield,” Cross said.

ISO 9001:2008 is a quality management system developed by the International Organization of Standardization that requires a manufacturer demonstrate its ability to consistently provide product that meets customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. ISO 9001:2008 is recognized by businesses around the world as the premier quality management standard. It provides a universally accepted suite of quality-oriented business management process objectives and standards that must be made an integral part of a quality-run business in today’s global manufacturing and business environment

“By meeting the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008, we have clearly demonstrated our commitment to continuously enhancing our processes and adapting to the needs of each area of our company. This certification qualifies us as a trusted company that plans, organizes and controls all of its processes, allowing us to offer our clients consistent high-quality thermoformed products,” Cross said.


Too see full release check PR Web Website.


Thermoformed Medical Device Capabilities detailed

May 10, 2010

Sutton, MA May 10,, 2010 – Mayfield Plastics is the featured article in this month’s edition of Plastic Technology magazine. The article entitled “Mayfield Rides the Medical Wave” details the transformation the company has made from the machine tool industry to a major player in medical thermoformed parts. According to the article, Mayfield’s physical location in Massachusetts played a role in its decision to seek out medical business. “This area has typically been where innovative companies have located,” says company president Ron Cross.

Mayfield has served the medical market for the past 25 years, and today some 70% of its business is in that field, notably housings and skins for diagnostic machines like CAT Scanners. Its medical product line also includes sidewalls, user interface panels, bezels and thermoformed enclosures, internal components, thermoformed medical devices , work-in progress trays, and hospital room panels.

The full article can be found at and more information regarding Mayfield may be found at the company website

New thermoforming capabilities provides additional capacity and repeatability

February 13, 2010

Sutton, MA — Keeping current with customer demands as well as improving efficiencies and quality, Mayfield Plastics has announced the delivery of a new MAAC single station thermoforming machine. “The new equipment is indicative of our commitment to our customers in providing the latest technology,” said Ronald Cross, President. “The new 48 X60 MAAC 54S has a PLC controller providing 10 automatic forming techniques to give the customer repeatability when producing thermoformed parts. It has unlimited storage of job files and is equipped with top and bottom quartz ovens providing “instant on” during the heating cycle and “instant off” during the forming cycle for the most in energy efficiency,” Cross said.

Mayfield Plastics is a leading custom thermoforming and vacuum-forming supplier to the medical, industrial and electronic markets. They supply custom thermoformed panels, medical devices, covers, bezels, radomes and enclosures for many industries. “In spite of the weak economy in 2009, we continue to invest in our plant and equipment to provide unmatched quality and service for our thermoformed products. We are heavily involved in the thermoformed medical device market and will continue to invest in state of the art equipment to remain a leader in our market,” Cross said.

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