Heavy Gauge Thermoforming

Mayfield Plastics is a thermoforming company supplying the medical, electronic and industrial markets. Our thermoforming machines will accommodate sheets up to 60 x 108. Our thermoformed product range in thickness from 0.060 to  0.375 or even thicker.

Heavy Gauge ThermoformingHeavy gauge thermoforming, sometimes referred to as thick gauge thermoforming, is used to create sturdy rigid enclosures for equipment such as computers, medical devices, radomes, electronic enclosures, outdoor equipment, and exercise equipment.

Materials used in the gauge thermoforming include ACRYLIC, HDPE, LPPE, PP, PVC, PETG, and polycarbonates.

Mayfield does not manufacture thin gauge thermoformed products such as plastic packaging or clamshells as we specialize in heavy gauge thermoforming. Our heavy gauge thermoforming expertise, allows us to produce custom made plastic parts with an elegant look.

Another advantage of heavy gauge thermoforming, is lower tooling cost and much lower minimum quantity runs. Economical low-volume runs are possible with thick gauge thermoforming as opposed to much more expensive upfront tooling cost of injection molding. All
of this is achieved, while controlling the aesthetics and incorporating the colors and branding of our customers.

You can learn more about the thermoforming process from our thermoforming tutorial located here. For addditional information on heavy gauge thermoforming you can visit our sister company Universal Plastics

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